Privacy Policy

etmoietmoi does not pass on any data to third parties.
Your data (name, address, e-mail address) will be used exclusively for the processing of your purchases by our webshop or for the dispatch of our newsletter.

We use Smoolis as our e-commerce platform and website-builder. The information you provide will be transferred to Smoolis for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy.
Smoolis uses the following necessary cookies to allow visitors to navigate and use key features on your site: JSESSIONID, cookie_consent, smoolis_lastvisited_shop_title.
Smoolis uses Google Analytics. The data collected is processed in a non-personally-identifying form (anonymizeIp – IP Anonymization).

For the administration and the dispatch of our newsletter we use Mailchimp. Here you will find the privacy policy of Mailchimp.

The transmission of the credit card information takes place via a secure HTTPS connection.